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Shot Put Technique and Drills

Smarter Shot Put

Learn the shot put technique, drills, and training methods proven to produce further throws. Get a step-by-step approach to learning and coaching the shot put.
Shot Put Training Online Course. Smarter Shot Put cover shows John Newell demonstrating how to throw shot put.

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TRAINING, DRILLS & LESSONS DESIGNED to maximize performance

Stand Throw Technique
Half-Turn Progression
Full-Turn Progression
Rotational Shot Put Drills
Complete Spin Technique
Complete Glide Technique
Entry Mechanics & Drills
Med-Ball Drills
Reverse Mechanics
Shot Put Warm Up Drills
Rotation Drill Series
And More
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Lesson plan and chapter descriptions

Course Duration: 2 hr, 35 min
Number of Lessons: 27
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In this lesson, you’ll learn the proper body positioning and sequencing for the stand throw. Coach Newell walks through the details step-by-step as he demonstrates how to teach and learn the correct shot put technique for the stand throw. The movement sequence is broken down into three steps so you can master each as you progress. He also shares how to identify and correct common errors in the movement before you begin adding intensity in practice.
Proper stand throw mechanics are crucial for big throws, and the first fundamental lesson in how to throw a shot put is how to hold it correctly. In this chapter, Coach Newell demonstrates the correct technique for holding and placing the shot on the neck. He then shares a highly effective progression of shot put drills to get a thrower comfortable with proper technique. You’ll learn the shot put stand throw progression from the ground up.
The power position is the final movement in the throw before delivering the shot put. In this lesson, you'll get coaching insight into the power position, including Coach Newell's philosophy on when and how frequently to train this position.
The half-turn is the next step in learning the rotational shot. This chapter covers the steps and proper technique for understanding the half throw. Coach Newell shares some great shot put drills to develop awareness and consistency in the rotation and how to spot and correct common errors.
The half turn is a great way to learn the back leg path and setting up the proper touch-down in the front of the ring. In this chapter, Coach Newell shares an overview of the half-turn, common errors, and ways to address them.
In this lesson, you'll hear the three most important things for a beginning shot putter to learn. Coach Newell talks about shot put wrist mechanics, establishing a proper power position, and experimenting with different aspects of the throw to gain experience. He also shares how to progress through training with a beginning shot putter.
Once you’ve gotten proficient and have comfort, balance, and timing in the half-turn, it’s time to progress to the walk-through. The walk-through will give an athlete a better understanding of the rotational sequence through the ring. In this chapter, Coach Newell covers the walk-through step-by-step and demonstrates how to incorporate rhythm into the throw. You’ll also learn about entry styles and get a great drill to practice proper entry mechanics.
Entry mechanics are one of the most complex parts of the full rotational throw. In this lesson, you’ll learn the shot put technique for entering into the full throw and drills to learn the proper entry progression.
There are two schools of thought regarding where to start when learning how to throw the shot put. You can start at the back of the ring and begin learning the full rotational movement from day one, or you can piece the throw together by learning the separate components. In this lesson, you’ll learn Coach Newell’s approach to learning the movement through the ring. You’ll get some great shot put drills to teach proper technique as you learn the movement from the back to the front of the ring.
When you've gained confidence performing multiple 180° turns together, you're ready to take full 360° turns. In this lesson, you'll learn the benefits of the 360° shot put drill and how to integrate it into training. You'll also learn the tap & go drill that ties the full throw together.
Coach Newell walks you through the full non-rotational throw step-by-step in this chapter. You'll learn the proper shot put technique for each part of the non-reverse throw, drills for each position, and coaching cues to help guide good mechanics. He also shares how the technique can vary based on the athlete's height.
Once you are warmed up and comfortable with the stand throw, half throw, and entry mechanics, you’re ready for the full shot put throw. This chapter shows the progression Coach Newell takes as his athletes progress through the full throw. You’ll learn the movement patterns out of the back of the ring step-by-step and the technique and body positions that lead to big throws.
If an athlete is having a lot of foul trouble, this chapter will help you correct technique to avoid stepping out of the ring. Coach Newell covers common technical errors that lead to fouls and how to correct them. This lesson includes shot put drills that reinforce proper technique for reverse mechanics and shot put delivery.
When learning the reverse shot put throw or changing from the non-reverse, there are some great drills to get the athlete used to the movement on this final step in the ring. In this lesson, you'll see how Coach Newell progresses through the ring in the reverse. You'll also see some live coaching as the athlete demonstrator learns the drills in real-time.
All throwers will experience issues they need to fix in practice. In this lesson, you’ll see how Coach Newell addresses errors and technical breakdowns using a medicine ball in the place of the shot. 
There are different types of throwers based on athletic ability, body type, and experience. In this lesson, Coach Newell shares how technique and drill execution will vary based on individual thrower type. This includes differences in technique between male and female shot put throwers. He also shares the technical mistakes that lead to poor throws and how to correct them.
Significant differences exist between the rotational throw technique and the linear glide technique. If an athlete has difficulty with the rotational throw, the glide is a great way to find success in the shot put. In this lesson, Coach Newell shares his step-by-step progression to teach the glide technique and the focus points for each position.
After going through the drill progression for learning the glide technique, you’re ready to start throwing. In this chapter, Coach Newell goes through the details of each position to achieve proper shot put technique in the glide throw. You’ll see former Jamaican National Champion Nayoka Clunis demonstrate the glide throw and learn what to look for when coaching this technique and how to correct common errors.
How you progress through training each day, each week, and each season is critical to how well an athlete develops and performs. In this chapter, you'll learn ways to tailor training to an athlete's needs and the importance of patience in improving shot put technique.
It’s critical that every shot put practice begins with a proper warmup to get the hips, ankles, and shoulders ready for throwing. This chapter shows you some of the best shot put warmup drills to get you primed for practice.
It’s critical for all throwers, no matter their level, to develop a good sense of rotation and balance. In this chapter, you’ll learn the shot put drills Coach Newell uses to develop balance and correct body positions. These drills are done on the track using the lines for reference, but they can be done anywhere with minimal equipment.
Many exercises and shot put drills don’t specifically involve throwing. In this lesson, Coach Newell shares some of his favorite med ball circuits to link weight training with coordination, stability, and explosiveness development. 
In this lesson, you’ll learn med ball shot put drills that allow for high repetitions. You’ll see multiple drills for improving strength and flexibility in the hands, shoulders, and hips while building technical consistency with throwing mechanics.
In this lesson, you'll hear Coach Newell's approach to coaching comfort with the toe board while moving at full speed. He also shares his thoughts on shot put training with over and underweight implements.
There are sound coaching cues, and there are terrible coaching cues. In this chapter, you'll hear some of the shot put technique cues Coach Newell regularly uses and those that do not help train proper mechanics.
Strength isn't everything in the shot put. Speed strength is. In this lesson, you'll hear how these different types of strength result in different results in the shot put. You'll also learn ways to change upper body dominance in the throw.
Hear what makes a good shot putter through different levels, from high school to world-class. You'll also learn about the importance of time and patience in becoming a great shot putter.

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John Newell

Conference Champions
John Newell’s throwing wisdom is forged from a lifetime of experience in the sport. As an elite thrower himself, he was a six-time NCAA qualifier and earned All-America honors in the shot put, hammer, and discus. Coach Newell’s personal athletic experience gives him a unique understanding of the developmental process throwers must go through to be great.
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Shot putter Nayoka Clunis demonstrates how to do the shot put spin technique

Shot Put Spin Technique

Learn the most powerful technique in shot putting from the front of the ring to the back.

The rotational or spin shot put technique is the most effective way to propel the implement deep into the sector. There are multiple advantages, including increasing velocity during the power position. But without the right coaching, it can be challenging to learn and master.

Smarter Shot Put gives you a step-by-step system to learn and coach proper rotational shot put technique. By breaking down the throw into short, progressive lessons, you’ll quickly learn how to ingrain correct movement patterns from the back of the ring through release. 
You’ll start understanding how to build and master each phase of the spin from the very first lesson.

Shot Put Drills

Everything revolves around increased performance in the ring.

Shot put technique should always be taught in the context of the complete throw. When learning shot put technique, it is critical to implement drills that reinforce the biomechanics and rhythm that make proper form second nature. Each shot put drill included in the course is designed to translate into powerful and efficient movement in the ring.
Drills to develop optimal upper and lower body separation to maximize force production and distance.
Footwork drills to hit proper positions and develop balance and rhythm throughout the throw.
Med-ball drills to develop power and strength that directly converts to throwing.
Line drills that reinforce proper movement patterns and allow athletes to get the necessary repetitions to develop proper technique.
Shot put coach John Newell demonstrates shot put drills using a medicine ball
Shot putter Nayoka Clunis demonstrates the shot put glide technique as coach John Newell gives coaching queues

Shot Put Glide Technique

A practical alternative to spin technique.

For beginning shot putters, multi-event athletes, and throwers with a more linear inclination, the glide is a practical alternative to the spin technique. The glide technique provides a natural progression to understanding how to throw from the power position. Though perfecting the glide takes time, it is relatively simple to learn.

The glide is about generating torque before releasing the shot laterally across the circle. Every aspect of the technique must be dialed in to build as much power as possible. You’ll learn the fundamentals of the glide and the most important elements to focus on to achieve a powerful throw.
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