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Throws Bundle


The ultimate bundle for the Discus and Shot Put:

With over 5 hours of comprehensive content, this bundle will give you an in-depth understanding of discus and shot put technique, drills, and the most effective training methods.

Courses Included


Save $30 on 2 courses with the Throws Bundle

Throwing Smarter, Throwing Farther is a turbocharged approach to learning and coaching elite discus throw technique. The discus drills, technique, and training methods are the result of 35 years of throws coaching, 54 conference champions, 33 All American performances, 2 national champions, and 2 USA Olympic team qualifiers.

Smarter Shot Put gives you a step-by-step progression to guide you through each stage of the throw. You’ll learn how to coach and improve each aspect of technique from the front of the ring to the back. You’ll also get the most effective shot put drills, troubleshooting tactics, and practical training tips for rotational and glide throws.


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