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Sprinting Bundle

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The ultimate bundle for sprinting and speed development:

With over 4 hours of comprehensive content, this bundle will give you an in-depth understanding of sprinting technique, drills, and everything you need to build an annual customized training plan.

Courses Included


Save $30 on 2 courses with the Sprinting Bundle

Sprinting Smarter, Speed Progression is a complete sprint training and speed development program. Two-time Olympian Ken Harnden shares the philosophies and training plans that have led to 6 sub-10 100M runners, 25 NCAA champions and 14 Olympians.

You’ll learn the posture and body positions required to produce maximum acceleration and top-end speed. You'll also learn the sprinting drills that have proven to produce the biggest performance gains and work systematically with the technical instruction and training routines in this course.

Sprinting Smarter, Sprinting Faster is a revolutionary approach to learning elite sprinting technique. Common sprinting wisdom is good at training an athlete’s mind and body to reinforce and remember their current maximum speed. To truly unlock your potential, you must take an approach that rewires the nervous system and trains the mind and body to break through pattern-built barriers. That is precisely what 'Sprinting Smarter, Sprinting Faster' delivers.

By utilizing the latest findings in speed science research and a proven methodology for success, Coach Karim Abdel Wahab gives you complete access to his sprint training program. His methods have prepared athletes for the Olympic games, World Championships, and the NFL draft.


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